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"Zerkalo" means "mirror" in Russian. Before "Zerkalo" the theatre was known as "Anthouse" and before that as any combination of the words "Russian Australian Theatre Studio" and for five years it didn't even have a name, it was so unprecedented. At the time it was a novel concept, the only Russian theatre-studio in Sydney.

It was founded by Valentina Oustimovitch, Honorary Actress of Russia, who held her first auditions for the studio in 1996. Valientina only recently emmigrated from Russia and was seeking quiet life away from the spotlights. But the quiet life was not her forte... and alas, the theatre was formed.

Its first students were doctors and students, engineers and housewives, people of all ages ranging from 17 to 70, professionals, semi-professionals and complete amatuers, but all were united by a common passion for the theatre, united by unbelievable charisma of Valentina Oustimovitch.

Ten years later, and the results were staggering. The studio has released seven sold-out productions 'Valentin and Valentina' (au. Mikhail Roshchin, dir. Valentina Oustimovitch), 'Belated Love' (au. Nikolai Ostrvovsky, dir. Valentina Oustimovitch), 'Stars on the Morning Sky' (au. Alexander Galin, dir. Valentina Oustimovitch), 'Fedot the Shooter' (au. Leonid Filatov, dir. Irina Ingman), 'All about Eve' (au. Mary Orr, dir. Valentina Oustimovitch), 'A Hen' (au. Nikolai Kolyada, dir. Valentina Oustimovitch), 'Bed and Breakfast' (au. Nicholas Wright, dir. Elena Green). Three more theatres were formed by Valentina's former students.

Valentina's students have grown up, moved on, some changed countries and the theatre had it's last curtain call in September 2006, after the production of 'Bed and Breakfast'. Sadly, in November 2010 Valentina Oustimovitch has passed away.

Now Valentina's theatre-studio, still bearing her ideas, is re-forming and re-launching under the artistic direction of Elena Green, one of Valentina's former students. "Zerkalo Theatre-Studio" will commence its artistic endeavours with re-staging of Valentina's favorite play 'Stars in the Morning Sky', which will première in September 2012.