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An Inspector Calls Production: March-April 2014

Psychological drama

Everybody , sooner or later, sits down to a banquet of consequences. (R.S.Stevenson)

Author John Boynton Priestley
Director Elena Green

Stars in the morning sky Production: September 2012

In Memory of Valentina Oustimovitch
Honorable acctress of Russia

To what extent we as a society have the right to classify someone as an undesirable element, to deny their dreams?

show Bed and Breakfast Production: September 2006

This is story of a fairly ordinary young man who, by chance, stumbles across a lovely lodging house in one of London's southern suburbs.

His name is Vincent Van Gogh...

None of the Bed and Breakfast inhabitants would have recognised a genius in young Vincent, least of all himself. And yet, the impact of this seemingly mundane encounter will last a lifetime and beyond, irrevocably changing the fate of all...